Water Department Wants to Raise Rates Over 50%

Today news just broke that our water department wants to raise rates 51% over a four year period.  This is on top of a recently passed sanitary increase and plans to hit us with a separate storm water fee.  When will it end?

Right now there is a big issue going on in Ohio regarding public unions.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not against unions but for some families and senior citizens it can be tough making ends meet.  It was reported just a couple days ago that the City of Toledo, which saw its tax receipts down 13%, had to pay for 1% salary increases for garbage disposal workers.  Toledo also lost an arbitrators ruling with the Police Department which will cost the city (taxpayers) up to $500,000.  Regardless of where you stand on unions, most will agree that taxpayers simply can’t afford these expenses when many have accepted pay cuts, less hours or have been let go.

The Water Department that serves our city has been struggling with a loss in customers, but yet their infrastructure maintenance needs have not changed.  I can understand this, but why is it that the first place all government entities go to when they need money is the taxpayer?  Should they not look at their own labor costs first before asking us to foot the entire bill? Continue reading

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In a World of Turmoil One Appreciates Family

The media channels really have no shortage of news to report on these days.  From what is happening to Japan, to public unrest in the Middle East, reporters have been quite busy.

While I don’t have a whole lot of time to watch the news, what I do see is very disturbing.  Many millions of people are in a world of hurt and there is no quick or easy way for them to get out of it.  Especially the children, whom suffer as the result of “adults,” the dangerous times they live in robs them of their childhoods.
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Flooded Backyards and Basements

We had about a foot of snow on the ground just a day ago.  Last night it rained and poured quite a bit.  Thunderstorms rolled through and added water on top of snow melt.  This certainly is not a good recipe for home owners!

Fortunately my basement was spared, but our backyard is a swamp!  I know there are many around my community that are not so lucky.  For them, the real work of cleanup begins.

Around 6:20 AM our school district called the home with an automated message letting us know that school was canceled.  About one minute later the text message came in over my mobile phone letting me know the same.  Apparently school was canceled because some of the roads were so flooded that they were not passable by the buses.  Ironically, they also stated their phone systems were down.  Those that may wonder, the automated system our school uses is contracted out with a telecom company.
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Yet Another Snow Storm

Not long after a previous post about having spring fever, we were hit with another snow storm.  With frozen fingers, this post will be shorter then most.

Today I spent two hours clearing the driveway with the snow blower.  I think its time to upgrade to a larger model.  Regardless, the driveway was clear and so were the sidewalks for the kids when they do go to school. Continue reading

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My Daughter’s First Adult Tooth

I admit it, my family loves Mexican food.  The problem with Mexican food, and salsa chips, is that some younger children may have problems with the spices and texture of the food.  My daughter is no exception.  The triangle shaped chips she was munching on actually cut her in two spots about a week ago.  One spot in her mouth was clearly cut and the other just looked irritated.  So I picked up some special children’s mouthwash to help soothe the discomfort.  This seemed to help.

After a week of using mouthwash, my daughter was still complaining of mild discomfort in the lower front of her mouth.  I took a closer look last night when I was brushing her teeth, and I saw a little white spot just behind her tooth.  Could it be her first adult tooth?  I was determined to verify that it was a tooth so I broke out the dental mirror and pick we have and sure enough it was solid! Continue reading

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Spring Fever!

What really inspired me to write today is the constant blitz of snow and ice here at home.  That’s why I cam up with the not so creative title of this post as “spring fever!”

Those of us that live in the northern states usually get spring fever this time of year.  But for whatever reason, this time seems much worse then in the past.  The reason?  Well, we melted off about a foot of snow to see our ugly grass and a swamp in the backyard.  The view out our window was quite depressing.  If that was not enough, then followed the next weather system that brought us a lot of ice.

The ice storm resulted in about a half inch of ice accumulation on everything.  Tree limbs in the backyard were actually touching the ground.  A few of the larger limbs actually broke off my maple trees and littered the ground.  The electricity would flicker on and off, but my home was fortunately spared from the long term power outages that some neighboring streets were experiencing. Continue reading

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