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Warm Weather Approaches Then Disappears!

Last week was a beautiful week with some nice warm weather days.  While the backyard was still wet, it was not the swamp I had expected.  This allowed my husband to get outside and do some cleaning, which included picking … Continue reading

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Halloween Was a Blast!

This Halloween the kids really had a great time.  My daughter, bought the largest pumpkin she could find.  I think she thought I was capable of carving a masterpiece!  My son got a small pumpkin with inserts, which I thought … Continue reading

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The Race to End Minimum Wage

It seems that some in the political arena have a solution to relieve the high unemployment problems in the United States.  That solution involves ending or temporarily suspending the Federal minimum wage. Right, wrong or otherwise, it appears that the … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day

As many families across the United States get ready to begin a long holiday weekend, it is important that we all thank the many soldiers that have sacrificed to keep the United States of America free and safe. Many of … Continue reading

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Bounce House Weather Safety

This time of year is known for spring storms.  Thunderstorms are quite common in many regions throughout the United States.  This is why it is particularly important for parents to be cautious when their kids play outside. A recent report … Continue reading

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IX Indoor Amusement Park Family Fun

When it comes to family fun, and cold weather, it’s difficult to find things to do.  Fortunately this time every year the IX Indoor Amusement Park comes to town.  For a family, with young children, it is a great place … Continue reading

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Gas Prices Leap Again!

You can tell the warmer weather is just around the corner because our gas stations have raised the price of gasoline around $0.15 this week.  Just today the price of gasoline was raised by a dime.  Oh boy, what a … Continue reading

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