About Me

I’m just your ordinary parent that enjoys seeing my children have fun outside.  Because I reside in the north, outdoor play is limited.  But when the weather breaks, we are your typically backyard warriors!  We get the grill cooking, bounce house inflated and the swing set cleaned and ready for safe kid fun.

My kids are ages four and six, and both are in school and do quite well.  As a parent I do try to keep them as active as possible.  It’s my belief that keeping children active is important to their development and teaches them the necessary social skills they will need to interact with others as they mature.

Children are not the only ones that need to stay active.  Parents do as well.  I’m thankful to be involved in the PTA and regularly host and attend scheduled playgroups with my children.  When it comes to teacher conferences, I’m there.  And I also am a helper mom in the classroom for each of my children when needed.

Thanks for taking the time to read a little more about me and this blog.  It’s my hope that some of my posts, and even the rare rants, will be well received by all parents that love their children.


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