Warm Weather Approaches Then Disappears!

Last week was a beautiful week with some nice warm weather days.  While the backyard was still wet, it was not the swamp I had expected.  This allowed my husband to get outside and do some cleaning, which included picking up a lot of small tree branches from our maple tree.  I like the tree and the shade it provides, but the sticks in the yard always worry me because of my kids.

Over the winter we had a water line break which left the garage without water.  Hopefully hubby can take care of this one, but it is not a high priority on the list.  The biggest priorities to fix are all exterior home related.  We had a broken storm drain tile in the front yard and that caused water to backup.  Our gutters would overflow and drip onto the brick in the front of our home.  With freezing during the winter, this caused some brick to break.  Also, our front steps need to be replaced because the brick has failed there too.

Unfortunately, this week it is back to cold weather.  There’s not much we can do outside until the weather decides to stay warm.  The dandelions don’t seem to have any problems though!  I can’t wait to zap them with some weed killer!  I’d like to do that before we plant new grass where the front lawn was dug up to repair the drain tile.

Easter is this Sunday, and it will be another holiday with one less loved one at the table.  My father passed away from a heart attack right before the holidays.  That’s part of the reason why I have not posted in so long.  Besides grieving his loss, I’m doing my best to help my mother cope with everything.  And to be honest, it is still so depressing.  I miss my father and my kids miss grandpa too.

I hope that everyone has a good Easter and that we all enjoy getting together with friends and family.  Life is so short, so do your best to enjoy it and spend as much time with those that love as you can!

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