Halloween Was a Blast!

This Halloween the kids really had a great time.  My daughter, bought the largest pumpkin she could find.  I think she thought I was capable of carving a masterpiece!  My son got a small pumpkin with inserts, which I thought was an excellent choice.  The inserts basically push right into the pumpkin and all kinds of silly items are available including a funny mouth, mustache and weird ears.  Regardless, the kids had a great time with their pumpkin projects while I had fun baking the pumpkin seeds.

The school parties this Halloween were excellent as well.  My kids had a great time at school playing games and getting a little candy warmup snack for what was to take place that night.  And let me tell you, it is so easy to spot the teachers that love their profession from those that don’t.  Thankfully, both of my children have awesome teachers!

Our Trick or Treat hours this Halloween were earlier than normal.  My kids went out from 6PM-8PM and netted a lot of candy.  Their overflow of candy was placed into a Trader Joes bag.  By the end of the night that bag was nearly three-quarters full.  After inspecting a couple pieces of candy for my kids, they quickly gobbled up the yummy treats.  I wanted to help them crush some candy, but I have a thing called a waist and other body parts that love high sugar and fatty foods too!

In our development there were a few really decked out homes.  One house, in particular, is always a blast every year.  This year they had a lot of smoke, people dressed up in realistic costumes and plenty of Halloween gear to scare the kids.  But as nice as that house was, my son’s favorite house had an inflatable Hulk that stood ten feet high at least.  Of course my son wanted to show Hulk how tough he was by punching him, but I settled him down quickly to snap a quick picture.

Halloween was a great time this year, with the exception of colder weather.  With that holiday behind us, now it’s time to prepare for Thanksgiving!

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