Bounce House Weather Safety

This time of year is known for spring storms.  Thunderstorms are quite common in many regions throughout the United States.  This is why it is particularly important for parents to be cautious when their kids play outside.

A recent report where four children were hurt in a bounce house highlights the problem with large inflatables.  Because a bounce house is so big and light, it does not take much wind to flip one on its side or even cause one to go into a tumbling spin.  Injuries can be quite severe if the tumbling motion persists for even a brief time.

The problem with inflating a bounce house on asphalt or cement is that it can not be properly anchored to the ground.  Most bounce houses do have straps on the corners which are used as an extra measure to prevent flipping.  The straps are affixed to spikes which are driven into the soil.

There are two reasons why a bounce house will flip.  First is wind as was previously noted.  The other reason is that the toy was not inflated on level ground.  The truth is these types of accidents are entirely preventable.

Parents that have their own bounce house should be careful that it is played with on a level surface.  And by all means check the weather before letting the kids go outside to play in their bounce house.  A little precaution can really spare children from avoidable injuries.

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