IX Indoor Amusement Park Family Fun

When it comes to family fun, and cold weather, it’s difficult to find things to do.  Fortunately this time every year the IX Indoor Amusement Park comes to town.  For a family, with young children, it is a great place to visit.

My youngest child is 42″ tall, which allowed him to just make the height limit on most rides.  There was one operator, on the safest ride ironically, that would not let him get on.  But in general, he was able to ride on many more rides this year over last.  Even for those that have smaller children, there are rides available for children of all ages.

As with most indoor rides, the IX Indoor Amusement Park has plenty of spinning rides.  So if you are the type that can’t handle spinning, you may want to consider which rides are best for you.

A favorite at the IX Indoor Amusement Park is the ferris wheel.  It is so tall and extends well above the top of the roof.  And because of the location, it is easy to see the runways of Hopkins Airport and the jets landing.  It’s very cool, especially for younger kids.

The best time to visit this park is during the week and later in the evening.  Very few people are in attendance which means no waits to get on rides.  At most, we had to wait for the ride to stop before we got on.  In just a few hours we rode more rides then a full day on the weekend.

If you happen to be in the Cleveland area, and want some great indoor family fun, check out the IX Indoor Amusement Park.  Adults and kids of all ages will have a blast!

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