Gas Prices Leap Again!

You can tell the warmer weather is just around the corner because our gas stations have raised the price of gasoline around $0.15 this week.  Just today the price of gasoline was raised by a dime.  Oh boy, what a summer we are in for!

The impact of high fuel prices will be felt across all industries or at least that what the economists are saying.  And I can believe that.  The cost of fuel, coupled with dramatically increasing utility fees, is going to be especially difficult for senior citizens and young families.

I was watching a TV show the other day that offered some tips to save fuel.  Obviously making sure your tires are properly inflated is essential.  But so is a clean air filter and a properly tuned vehicle.  The additives some companies claim will improve your fuel economy are pure snake oil, so avoid that.  Running a vehicle with the defroster or air conditioning on can also hurt fuel economy.  The theory is running these items causes the air conditioner clutch to engage which reduces engine power.

In these times it is great to save wherever we can.  I’d love to find some more tips, other then cutting coupons, which can help people save money.  Those of us with kids, and seniors, really have to make our dollars stretch!

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