In a World of Turmoil One Appreciates Family

The media channels really have no shortage of news to report on these days.  From what is happening to Japan, to public unrest in the Middle East, reporters have been quite busy.

While I don’t have a whole lot of time to watch the news, what I do see is very disturbing.  Many millions of people are in a world of hurt and there is no quick or easy way for them to get out of it.  Especially the children, whom suffer as the result of “adults,” the dangerous times they live in robs them of their childhoods.

Even though many of us are blessed, and are not dealing with such traumatic issues, our hearts go out to those that are struggling for their survival and for a better life for their children.  Just watching the news the past few days has caused me to reflect on my family and how grateful I am that my household is getting by in these troubling times.  For I live in a home filled with love, and that makes me wealthy beyond any monetary rewards that so many seek.

I hope that one day all people will work closer with each other and extend more kindness and respect then they do these days.  Whether it be a neighbor or stranger, being grateful for what we have should reflect in how we treat others.

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