Flooded Backyards and Basements

We had about a foot of snow on the ground just a day ago.  Last night it rained and poured quite a bit.  Thunderstorms rolled through and added water on top of snow melt.  This certainly is not a good recipe for home owners!

Fortunately my basement was spared, but our backyard is a swamp!  I know there are many around my community that are not so lucky.  For them, the real work of cleanup begins.

Around 6:20 AM our school district called the home with an automated message letting us know that school was canceled.  About one minute later the text message came in over my mobile phone letting me know the same.  Apparently school was canceled because some of the roads were so flooded that they were not passable by the buses.  Ironically, they also stated their phone systems were down.  Those that may wonder, the automated system our school uses is contracted out with a telecom company.

Our state currently allows school districts three calamity days.  The new Governor wants five days and it appears he is going to get it.  They would make that retroactive, which will cover the majority of the days my children missed.  But still, they will have to make up one day by law.

With the kids home today, I did not get as much done as I wanted.  I did a little shopping and did go to lunch with family and a friend.  Celebrating a birthday is always good cause to eat a little less healthy then normal!

At least with the heavy rain it took with it a lot of snow.  I am hopeful that warmer weather will arrive and give life to the lawn.  The grass looks so dull and washed out now.  And that about sums up my mood of the moment – dull.  Spring brings life to everything, and I am no exception!

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