My Daughter’s First Adult Tooth

I admit it, my family loves Mexican food.  The problem with Mexican food, and salsa chips, is that some younger children may have problems with the spices and texture of the food.  My daughter is no exception.  The triangle shaped chips she was munching on actually cut her in two spots about a week ago.  One spot in her mouth was clearly cut and the other just looked irritated.  So I picked up some special children’s mouthwash to help soothe the discomfort.  This seemed to help.

After a week of using mouthwash, my daughter was still complaining of mild discomfort in the lower front of her mouth.  I took a closer look last night when I was brushing her teeth, and I saw a little white spot just behind her tooth.  Could it be her first adult tooth?  I was determined to verify that it was a tooth so I broke out the dental mirror and pick we have and sure enough it was solid!

When I told my daughter it was a tooth she was absolutely elated!  For her, it seems like some sort of “right of passage” into true big sisterhood.  This is something she is already using to “prove” to her little brother that she is a big girl now!  For me, her first adult tooth is a reminder of how quickly children grow up and how precious they truly are.

Unfortunately, the new tooth appears to be coming in behind her baby tooth.  While the baby tooth is slightly loose, it’s my hope that we can avoid a trip to the dentist.  Time will tell.  I did check the surrounding teeth and two others are loose as well.  The tooth fairy might be earning some frequent flier miles visiting our home in the very near future!

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One Response to My Daughter’s First Adult Tooth

  1. NuttyNeuron says:

    aww I miss the tooth fairy 🙂

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