Spring Fever!

What really inspired me to write today is the constant blitz of snow and ice here at home.  That’s why I cam up with the not so creative title of this post as “spring fever!”

Those of us that live in the northern states usually get spring fever this time of year.  But for whatever reason, this time seems much worse then in the past.  The reason?  Well, we melted off about a foot of snow to see our ugly grass and a swamp in the backyard.  The view out our window was quite depressing.  If that was not enough, then followed the next weather system that brought us a lot of ice.

The ice storm resulted in about a half inch of ice accumulation on everything.  Tree limbs in the backyard were actually touching the ground.  A few of the larger limbs actually broke off my maple trees and littered the ground.  The electricity would flicker on and off, but my home was fortunately spared from the long term power outages that some neighboring streets were experiencing.

Thankfully today is our first trip above the freezing mark.  It’s my hope that our sagging tree limbs and bushes will recover quickly.  I’m so ready for winter to be over already!  But judging from the look outside, the spring cleanup is going to amount to a lot of work.

Especially with having young children, the winter time is especially grueling for many parents.  I am no exception.  We all had the flu right before Christmas and someone in our house was sick for a month and a half.  Trying to keep kids active even during winter is a challenge, which in many cases results in taking kids to indoor play areas and playgrounds.  These places are germ depots, and is part of the reason why our kids were so sick this winter.

Between the weather and sickness, I am done with winter already!  I’m ready to get our yard prepped for another year of play and outdoor life!  This year I think I will get a new grill as a special treat to myself.  And since I’m doing the cooking, I don’t think anyone in my house will complain at all!

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One Response to Spring Fever!

  1. Danniel says:

    I hate winter. I don’t have much to complain about because over here (Portland Oregon) it’s just cold and we haven’t received snow or much ice. But still, I’m not one of those people who complains about the summer, wanting fall and winter to come already. I want it to be summer forever. Falls okay, but I wouldn’t mind skipping winter forever. Okay, maybe not forever. Let’s make it a leap year thing. Once every four years we can have a winter. But for the rests of the years we have Spring, Summer, Fall and then Summer 2.

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